Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's cooking in the EDT kitchen? - June 18

I'm posting once again to let you know what the EDT development team worked on last week.  You can read the previous week's post here.

Last week we served you 0.8.1 Milestone 2.  It took longer to cook than we expected, but we think it was worth the wait.  While some of us were finishing Milestone 2, the rest we already working on the enhancements and fixes for Milestone 3.  We have now reached the end of the development period for M3.  It's the final milestone of the release, and we've just begun testing it.

Here are the significant items we worked on last week (some of them won't officially appear until version 0.8.2).

IDE Usability 
  • Enhanced the EGL editor with a vertical ruler, and support for "Link With Editor" on files from EGLARs
  • Began work on a code formatter
  • Continued work on debugging with files in EGLARs, including our system types
  • Made the Variables view in the debugger recognize new types
  • Worked on a prototype for the extensible type system
  • Adding support for our newest datatypes to wizards, IBM i support, and SQL
  • Changed service invocations to make them more generic
  • Ensured that operators work properly with null operands
  • Refined and extended the APIs of several types: bytes, time, timestamp
  • Added the 'xor' operator for boolean operands
  • Supported constructors and the 'super' keyword
  • Improved the way Java programs detect NullValueExceptions
  • We held a stakeholder feedback meeting to review what's in M2 and what's coming in M3. 
  • Updated many testcases in our test framework, making it easier to connect known failures with their defects
  • Supported the 2012 IBM Rational EGL Programming contest, open to university students in China http://www.ibm.com/software/cn/rational/eglcontest/ (the page is in Chinese). We're excited to have 104 teams from 35 universities and academies involved in the contest! Awards will be presented at the Beijing Innovate conference in August. 
  • Developers continue investigation on integration with new mobile technologies

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