Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Version 0.8.1 Milestone 2 is available

... with new features and a promise of more to come:
  • When you are working on an EGL project, you can review the EGL type definitions that are provided for you. You have immediate access to the details of the technology.

    The type definitions are stored in EGL archive (EGLAR) files.  In the future, you'll be able to protect your proprietary logic by distributing code in those kind of files, just as you distribute Java code in JAR files.

  • New EGL language improvements are in place:
    • You can use the forEach statement to iterate through a list of any type.
    • You can define the type of a numeric literal to control memory usage.
    • You can use bitwise operators to set flags and to do other tasks efficiently.
    • You can declare variables of type STRING(n) and TIME. Use STRING(n) to integrate with IBM i programs; and TIME to write simple code when a timestamp is either too complex or interferes with IBM i or SQL integration.
In the near term, you can look forward to ease of coding on a new front: you'll be able to write widgets for mobile applications. You can also look forward to greater ease of thought: you'll be able to access different kinds of back-end logic in the same way, whether the logic is a host program or a service.

The technology is gaining consistency and power.  Why not take a closer look?

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