Monday, June 11, 2012

What's cooking in the EDT kitchen? - June 11

This is the latest weekly blog post designed to let you know what's being cooked up for the next version of EDT.  In case you missed it, read last week's post.

Much of last week was spent polishing the code for 0.8.1 Milestone 2. We tested, fixed bugs, and verified the fixes. We wrote, reviewed, and revised documentation. We did the following other stuff too (though most of it won't appear in our builds until M2 is done):

IDE Usability
  • Continued work on debugging with files in EGLARs
  • Started adding support for our newest datatypes in IBM i
  • Ensured that operators work properly with null operands
  • Fixed problems with the implementation of the bytes type
  • EDT was mentioned in several sessions relating to EGL at Innovate 2012, the Rational Software Conference.  
  • EDT stakeholder meeting will be this week - Wed, June 13th at 10am Eastern US. Anyone interested in EDT is welcome to attend to learn more about what is in EDT 0.8.1 Milestone 2 and what's coming in M3. This is your chance to talk directly to the developers and provide your input on what 
  • Supported the 2012 IBM Rational EGL Programming contest, open to university students in China (the page is in Chinese). We're excited to have 87 teams with 160 people from 28 universities involved in the contest! Awards will be presented at the Beijing Innovate conference in August. 
  • Developers continue investigation on integration with new mobile technologies

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