Wednesday, February 27, 2013

EDT Possible Future Scenarios (no commitments)

IBM is continuing to re-assess EDT direction, which will be influenced by participation of the partner and customer community involved.

The possible scenarios are:
  • EDT 0.8.2 is stabilized with limited IBM contributions going forward.
  • EDT 1.0 is delivered solely by IBM as separate toolkit, but not merged with RBD.
  • EDT is bundled in with RBD to
  • become the RUI (Javascript) development tool
  • become the "new" style services tool (SQL only)
  • create tighter integration with RBD style services/programs, etc.
  • possibly create migration of RUIs to EDT style
  • use EDT portion for
    • RUI Enhancements
    • new generators for Mobile/Cloud

We do not foresee the following:
  • RBD being rewritten/refactored so that is is based on EDT
  • Migration tools being written to allow interchange of code between EDT and RBD