Friday, April 13, 2012

EGL Web Developer Tools version 0.8 is available...

... and with it, a proposed motto: "Ease of coding, ease of thought."

Here are some highlights of what's newly available:
  • The service-access mechanism is more uniform. When you develop a Rich UI application, you invoke an EGL dedicated service by fulfilling a two-step process that is characteristic of the language:

    1. Define a binding variable; for example:
         myBindingVar HttpProxy;
    2. Embed the variable in an action statement; for example:
         call MyServiceType.myFunction("abc")
              using myBindingVar
              returning to myResponseHandler
              onException myExceptionHandler;

    The two-step process is in effect not only for service access, but for database access, too. 
  • When you run the EGL deployer to prepare a service for Apache Tomcat, EGL configures the database JNDI detail for you, hiding the complexity.  
  • The IDE has more function:
    • You can use a wizard to write back-end logic for maintaining a database. Your investment? A few keystrokes, a few clicks.
    • You can use a wizard to create an external type. In this way, you can more easily reuse Java code in your application. And you can still use a manual process to create an external type from Java or JavaScript code.
  • You can configure the call statement to invoke code synchronously. Here's an example:
   result int;
   myString String = "abc";
   conn IBMiConnection? = 
         call MyHostProcedure(myString) 
            using conn
            returns (result);
      onException(exception AnyException)
         //handle exception

For now, the synchronous call statement is available only to invoke an IBM i program from EGL code that is generated to Java.
  • Did I mention support for IBM i?  We even provide a way to access an IBM i program from a Rich UI application.
  • Rich UI itself is improving:
    • To provide better download performance, we've reduced the size of the downloaded code and are switching to Asynchronous Module Definition, which is a standard technology for loading code on the web.
    • Support for Dojo is based on Dojo toolkit version 1.7.
    • Arbitrary data of any type can be stored and accessed by a Rich UI widget, for a more logical pattern of data assignment and use.
The technology is gaining value, whether you need to write spiffy web apps, access enterprise data, or do both. Why not take a closer look?


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    2. Lots of new features...database access via the service and library wizards, Dojo 1.7 support, JNDI, and IBM i. We'd love to hear feedback on the new features! Post a comment here or ask a question on the forum,

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