Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What's cooking in the EDT kitchen? - November 27

We're working on the fourth milestone of the EDT 0.8.2 release.  Here's what we accomplished in the last week:

  • Content assist, which needed repairs after the extensibility work we did in Milestone 3, is working again. It's driven by the types known to the compiler, with no more hard-coded information.  This was the last piece of Extensibility work for the release.
  • We added ten functions to the string type. They make it much easier to manipulate text in EGL.
  • We added functions that return the day, month, and year parts of a date.
  • Work continued on the bytes type, specifically conversion of bytes data to/from XML.
  • More work was done to support classes, with the addition of abstract and static keywords.

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