Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What's cooking in the EDT kitchen? - November 20

We made great progress towards EDT 0.8.2 M4 last week.  In many cases, we've done more planning than coding in the first week after a milestone, but not this time.  Unfortunately I expect things to slow down this week, since most of the team is taking two or three days off for Thanksgiving.

  • We're making content assist work again. It's the only major feature that was broken by the extensibility features introduced in M3.
  • Any expression can now be used to specify the size of a new array. Previously you had to use a literal number.
  • We finished the ternary if-then-else operator.  Its syntax is (condition) ?? true_value : false_value.  (Yes there are two question marks, not one.  They keep our parser from being confused.)
  • We started work on new functions that make it easier to work with dates and strings.
  • We have a type called AnyStruct whose value can be any "structured" type: record, handler, class, external type, or any.

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