Tuesday, November 1, 2011

0.7 M3 is here!

The third milestone of version 0.7 of the Eclipse EGL Development Tools (EDT) project is now available for download. M3 adds some seriously cool enhancements and is also more stable than M2. However, it is still just a milestone build, so understand that it's not perfect yet. If you run into problems, visit the support page to find links to Bugzilla and to the EDT forum.

As mentioned, there were some really cool things added in M3, both from a tooling and a generation perspective. The tooling is really coming together, and you should have no problem creating a new EGL project, writing some code, and running it. There's also now a WYSIWYG visual editor, which really speeds up the design process for EGL Rich UIs (i.e. EGL parts that compile into JavaScript and execute in a browser). Dojo support is now built-in, giving you 30+ Dojo widgets to use in your EGL applications.

Other noteworthy enhancements:
  1. Debug support for EGL targeted for Java or JavaScript (so, set breakpoints in and step through EGL code using the Eclipse Debug tools)

  2. Improvements to the source editor, specifically content assist (rebuilt from the ground up), formatting, and import organization

  3. Deployment (so, support for deploying EGL UIs and services into a standard web project as Java and JavaScript and deploying to an application server)

  4. SQL/relational database support

For more details on these or for a complete list of new features, see the New and Noteworthy page. Keep your eyes peeled for the 0.7 released (see the planning page) - currently planned for December 2. This release will add additional features and will be even more stable than M3.


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