Monday, July 30, 2012

What's cooking in the EDT kitchen? - July 30

In my previous post I told you that EDT 0.8.1 would be released last week.  Unfortunately we missed that deadline.  The code is fine (it was built ten days ago), but the intellectual property review will take two or three more days.

Meanwhile, we have been working on new features for EDT 0.8.2.  They include a fully-extensible compiler.  You may recall that this was prototyped during 0.8.1.

We're also adding classes.  That's right, EDT will allow you to write object-oriented code!  We're doing Java-style O.O.: single inheritance for classes, with interfaces providing abstraction.



  1. Matt,
    I'm really enjoying using edt, except perhaps for the minor frustration over the lack of documentation (though I know it's on the way), but adding classes is really exciting.
    Now if only we can get the word out about how good egl is then hopefully the masses will start looking this way.

    1. Thanks Richard. It's hard to interest people in new programming languages. It's a chicken-and-egg problem. But I have a feeling things will pick up as we get closer to version 1.0.


  2. Object-oriented EGL?! <~swoon~>

    1. Yeah, isn't that cool? EGL (in RBD and EDT) has had basic handlers for several years now. They're data + functions, almost like objects but they lack inheritance.

    2. I use the heck out of basic handlers and have often wished that I could employ inheritance. The use of interfaces to enable abstraction in a design is another feature that I eagerly await.


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