Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's cooking in the EDT kitchen? - May 22

This is the latest weekly blog post designed to let you know what's being cooked up for the next version of EDT. Normally I post these on Mondays, but I was out sick yesterday (no, it wasn't the cheese-like substance in fridge). In case you missed it, read last week's post.

Last week we continued making progress toward our goals for EDT 0.8.1.  Here are the details:

IDE Usability
  • Add search capability to the Open Part dialog
  • Make a "library" entry in the EGL Path of an EGLAR for the built-in types
  • Implement "open declaration" (F3) in the editor for files in EGLARs
  • Prototype extensible validation
  • Refactored annotation generation
  • Add support for more datatypes in XML coming from JavaScript
  • Finished the test phase of 0.8.1 Milestone 1 with a success rate of 95%. We won't be posting a milestone driver for M1 since much of the work has been to refactor for extensibility and less new functions.We do plan to post a milestone driver for M2. If you really want the latest, you can get the nightly builds though they are often not as stable as milestone or release builds. 
  • Investigate integrating with new mobile technologies. 
  • Support the 2012 IBM Rational EGL Programming contest, open to university students in China http://www.ibm.com/software/cn/rational/eglcontest/ (the page is in Chinese). We're excited to have 87 teams with 160 people from 28 universities involved in the contest! Awards will be presented at the Beijing Innovate conference in August. 

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